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This is a place where I’ll post links to other things I’m publishing or have already published.

Currently, this means articles and reviews published in the British Psychological Society’s magazine, The Psychologist. They’re often a bit technical, but I’m happy to explain anything if anyone is curious!

An article about the confusion surrounding sympathy and empathy. Empathy cannot be understood as a positive and trainable asset; it is a morally neutral sensory process just like vision. Empathy training: valuable enterprise, or basic misunderstanding? | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

A review of Channel 4’s Married at First Sight …divorced by first light? | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

A review of Harry Collins’ book, Artifictional Intelligence Computer says: Don’t care | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

A review of a Judged by Zihad Marar A paradoxical opportunity – or just a brutal reality? | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

A review of Sir Peter Bazalgette’s The Empathy Instinct. Empathy – the magic explanatory bullet? | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

A review of Chris Mabey’s Whispers of Hope. Myanmar and its peoples | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

An article about a rather forgotten behavioural theorist called Clark Hull – and one of his more interesting discoveries. In praise of dead behaviourists | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

Yuval Noah’s Sapiens trilogy is reviewed here. Sharing collective myths | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)

An article that explores the daftness of trying to diagnose mental disorders in people (here Field Marshal Montgomery) who often died before the would-be diagnostician was even out of nappies!! Stark raving normal? | The Psychologist (bps.org.uk)