A guide to everyday psychology

About the author

I graduated with a psychology degree from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1976. I taught introductory psychology part-time for 20+ years, completing MPhil and PhD post-graduate degrees with Brunel University along the way. I’m a member of the British Psychological Society.

And why am I setting this website up? Because I think psychology should be usable in everyday life. But a hundred years after psychology became ‘a thing’, it still isn’t usable… You can still walk down any street in the land, asking every passer-by you meet to name just one useful thing that has ever been discovered by a psychologist – and draw a blank.

When I graduated, I imagined that someone brilliant would eventually pull all the conflicting parts of psychology together, to produce a science that was accessible and useful for everyone. But 40 years later, that brilliant person has still not stepped forward – probably because there has never been any career incentive to do it.

So in the absence of anyone brilliant to sort it out, I decided that I must have a go.

I hope you find things here that are interesting and helpful!

Dr Chris Timms; 2021