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A Shining Beacon – of crass insensitivity

Well, yes. Managing societies with ethnic diversities is complicated. And today’s report, published by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, fairly reflects that reality. But its tone left me slapping my forehead.

The report is right to claim that there has been progress. And the report might fairly have balanced modest pride in the achievements so far – with humility about what remains to be done. But no. The UK is a “beacon of success to Europe and the rest of the world”.

Not content to annoy people at home who suffer from discrimination, the report’s world-beating boastfulness takes a pop at foreigners too. We are the best in the world.

Asked to comment on the report later, the Prime Minister expressed his sorrow that some people “feel” they are discriminated against. It is the kind of apology we are getting used to now: politicians being sorry about other people’s stupidity.

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